39 Bugatti T57 Framed Art Print


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39 Bugatti T57 Framed Art Print by Daniel Stein is a close up image of the Bugatti’s ultimate road car. Bugatti are a French car manufactures who still make luxury sports car today. The beautiful classic car has been photographed in a ultra-modern style focusing on the details and reflections on the car. The sharp contrast in the image makes this print striking and a perfect centre piece for anyone, not just automobile enthusiast.

This open edition print has been printed on acid free paper with light fast inks. The print has then been mounted in a deluxe white and black acid free double mount complimenting the tones within the picture.

The print is then framed in a sleek black modern frame complimenting the tones within the image. This framed print is available in 3 sizes.

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53 x 45cm, 63 x 53cm, 74 x 62cm

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