Planet Basket

For centuries the Dayaks of Borneo have used the strength of rattan to fashion working baskets made to last in an extreme tropical environment. These baskets are really tough and the handles do not drop off as they are woven into the structure of the basket.

Planet Basket use the dark rattan considered waste by the rattan factories and this gives each basket a unique natural colour. They do not use toxic chemicals or dyes and the baskets are shipped direct from the jungle to Europe. The raw material is not transported thousands of miles by road and sea to factories in Java or China before it even starts the final journey!

The Planet Basket workshops are a small but critical part of the Katingan Project, an important rainforest ERC (Eco System Restoration Concession) and provide vital income for people who would otherwise have little or no alternative to illegal logging, clearing forest for palm oil cultivation or poaching endangered species including orang-utan, pangolin, cloud leopards and rare orchids.

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