Fruit Tier

Do you find there is never enough room in your fruit bowl? Do you know what fruit is in the bowl? Have you ever found fruit starting to deteriorate at the bottom of the bowl?

Fruit Tier have designed a unique fruit bowl that answers all these questions. The tiers prevent your fruit from being squashed so each piece of fruit can have its own space. No longer will you suddenly find over-ripe fruit at the bottom of the bowl. You can instantly see what fruit you have to eat and what you need to buy. The tiers can be used to organise your fruit and keep recently bought fruit on a different level. As a result this avoids waste and throwing away over ripened fruit.

Whether laden with fruit or complete empty, fruit tier is not only practical but looks stunning as a centrepiece making healthy, fresh living a central part of your life and your home.
British manufacturers have been sourced to craft each part using traditional techniques making each one completely unique.

The ceramic plates are crafted in the famous Stoke-on-Trent potteries. Each single piece is hand poured with liquid clay into plaster moulds. As a result of this intricate process, limited numbers are produced making each one completely individual.

The stainless steel plates are made in the West Midlands using the metal spinning. The plates are then polished by hand on an electrically powered polishing spindle to a mirror finish.

A Wood Turner in Buckinghamshire has turned the solid Sapele wood to create the appearance of an apple core. Natural beeswax is then applied by hand to feed and protect the wood and enhance the individual qualities and markings of the grain.

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