About Us

Beyond the Galleries’ Mission is to seek out unique and exclusive product ranges.

A Vision that came about as the Team could never find that beautiful object no- one else had.

We became frustrated by the norm, and felt that the time had come to create a website where the shopper could find that unique and exclusively well designed quality product that we are all searching for.

We offer an ever developing range of products recommended by Anna Dempsey and a select group of individual companies.

These include home décor, accessories, cosmetics, food & drink, gift items and many more. We already have well known Artists and Craftspeople who have chosen to join us to form a website aimed at the Discerning Shopper and the Interior Designer looking for something different and wanting that something special, that they cannot find in normal retail outlets.

Launched in December 2013, Beyond the Galleries.com provides a platform to help small businesses gain the Sales and Marketing support they deserve.

Beyond the Galleries.com has been designed around a model of matching up-market retailers with affluent and traditionally hard-to-reach shoppers. We are turning Beyond the Galleries into a brand for upholding the marketing of British Designers and Craftsmen.

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