Julu - The Laundry Ladder

Friends since the age of nine, both farmers’ daughters, having gone to school together, Julia and Lucie have made dens, mud pies, partied, been members of the local YFC to mention just a few! Now both in their late 40’s they have got together and created Julu, which promises to bring you new innovative products which they hope will revolutionise the way you look at your domestic problem solving, the first of which is the ‘Laundry Ladder’.

Lucie – busy mum with three teenage daughters and married to Richard works as a teaching assistant in her local primary school. Qualified in three dimensional design, she has a natural creative ability which is put to good effect in her lovely home near Ross-on-Wye.

Julia – mother of Henry and married to an analyst/head of research, living in Malvern is a part time holistic therapist with a varied business background, including some retail; she has worked for large companies and been self-employed.

Five years ago, whilst re-building their house, Lucie and husband, decided it was an opportune time to re-think their clothes drying area within a tiny utility space. Wanting to use a Shelia Maid, but realizing they did not have the sufficient ceiling height, Lucie sat down with ‘pen and paper’ from which the Laundry Ladder was born. It is an incredibly simple, portable device which is versatile and works cleverly, solving many problems people face with drying their laundry and, is genuinely attractive!

After four years hard work, tweaking and testing the design for functionality, safety and best materials Julu is launching its first product, the Laundry Ladder.

They are proud the Laundry Ladder is British designed and made using British wood.

“We really want you to love the Laundry Ladder as much as we do and experience the same benefits it’s brought into our lives!”

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